Physics Seminar Series

Physics Seminar Fall 2010: Fridays, 3 pm - 4 pm in Collins 323. 
09/03:   no seminar
09/10:   Kyle Kotaich, OnTo Technologies
            Lifetime Limitations of Commercial Lithium Batteries
09/17:   SCRP conference, no seminar
09/24:   no seminar
10/01:   Mishkat Bhattacharya, University of Maryland
            Detecting level crossings without looking at the spectrum
10/08:   John Essick, Reed College
            How a quantum dot gets its color
10/15:   David McIntyre, Oregon State University 
            Optical tweezers for trapping and manipulation of particles
10/22:   mid-semester day, no seminar
10/29:   Jennifer Heath, Linfield College 
            Peering into the heart of a solar cell
11/05:   Poster presentation for SCRP, no seminar
11/12:   Murdock conference, no seminar
11/19:   Kirsten Brookshire, Oregon State University
            Unipolar fatigue testing in PZT piezoelectric thin films
11/26:   Thanksgiving, no seminar
12/03:   Senior presentations 

Physics Seminar Spring 2010: Fridays, 3 pm - 4 pm, Collins 323
02/19:   Senior presentations II
02/26:   Shannon Mayer, University of Portland
            Controlling light: An introduction to electromagnetically-induced   
            transparency and quantum information science
03/12:   Lucas Illig, Reed College
            Nonlinear dynamics of optoelectronic feedback oscillators
04/09:   Andrew Dawes, Pacific University
            Nonlinear optics in cold atoms

Physics Seminar Fall 2009: Mondays 4 pm - 5pm, Collins 323
09/07:   Labor Day, no seminar
09/14:   Kathy Hadley, University of Oregon
            Magnetic Corrugation Instability
09/21:   David Altman, Willamette University
            Understanding the regulated activity of the motor protein myosin
09/28:   Nathan Kuwada, University of Oregon

            Artificial molecular motors: Simulation and design
10/05:   Practice talks by physics majors
10/12:   Cody Leary, University of Oregon
            Spin and orbital rotations of electrons and photons via spin-orbit 
            interaction: Why electrons and photons are not so very different 
            after all
10/19:   Chris Harland, University of Oregon
            Microrheology in Black Lipid Membranes
10/26:   Raghuveer Parthasarathy, University of Oregon
            Manipulating membrane mechanics
11/02:   Roberta Bigelow, Willamette University 
11/09:   Mick Davis, University of Oregon
            Characterization and Modeling of Chemically Deposited Silver Thin   
            Film structure 
11/16:   Rick Watkins, Willamette University
            Large Scale Flows of Galaxies:  A Challenge for the Standard Model of 
11/23:   Michaela Kleinert, Willamette University
            Cool stuff - ultracold atoms (and molecules) at WU
11/30:   Practice Talks physics majors
12/07:   Senior presentations I